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Ioan Said Photography has specialized in hospitality photography whether interior photography of accomodations, food photography or editorial photography for hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and self catering properties around Cheshire, North Wales and beyond. From the five star Chester Grosvenor hotel, to small bed and breakfasts in Shropshire like Hopton House we can cater to any size of property. We have shot for Simon Radley at the Chester Grosvenor, and the Cafe Teras at Bangor university, showing the different feel and atmosphere at all the different restaurants we have captured, whether michelin star, within a five star hotel or a restaurant on a campsite with a growing success like The Marram Grass in Anglesey. Having had experience photographing a range of hospitaity businesses we know how to convey the atmosphere you are trying to create, whatever the business is. 

When taking photos of hotels we want to create high quality images that attract guests, showing the detail that has gone into your rooms and why this makes them unique. We always want to represent the property in the best possible way, while still showing potential customers an accurate representation of what they would be getting, with pictures showing the real look and feel of the building and its surroundings. 

We find restaurants really interesting to photograph, wanting to show through our images what the atmosphere of eating there is like. We completely understand how much time, effort and passion chefs put into the dishes they create, so we want to put equal effort into planning the shots that will make those dishes look as good as they deserve to. Again, these detailed photos of the food will show possible diners what they could experience the individual experience that restaurant could give them. 

We understand that in all hospitality businesses from hotels to restoration to restaurants, the hosts and staff are a huge part of how the property feels to customers. Because of this, we like to take photos of the staff so customers can get an even better idea of the atmosphere. Another thing we consider is what type of clientele you want to attract. This way, we can hire the right models and get the right shots to appeal to your ideal demographic. 

If you need new photos of your hospitality business to use for a website or other promotional material contact Ioan Said Photography.


Editorial Hospitality Photographer from Ioan Said on Vimeo.